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Chef Services – Gourmet Meals Delivered

My name is Mary Gutzler, and I am a certified chef and graduate of Le Cordon Bleu. I am not just your everyday home cook I have been trained in the art of food in presentation and taste. I enjoy being able to dissect a recipe and be rewarded with  something absolutely delicious. I was also a free lance chef for Dierbergs locations in Illinois and Missouri. I am committed too providing flexible, customizable services. Times, dates, meal types, serving sizes, and anything else can be tailored to meet your needs and tastes.

Gutzler Butterfly Personal Chef makes the convenience and luxury of a private chef possible, practical and affordable. Instead of having to face that aged-old question each evening “What’s for dinner?” you will be pleased to have that answer right at your fingertips.

Gutzler Butterfly Personal Chef is the answer to providing affordable meals, custom designed for your preferences and dietary needs (low fat, weight loss, weight gain, diabetic, etc.).

Having a Personal Chef allows you to enjoy healthful, nutritious dinners in minutes, allowing you to gain valuable time otherwise lost to preparing meals, grocery shopping, standing in line, planning a menu or eating out.

Personal Chef Gourmet Meals Plans & Pricing

I offer three standard service plans, designed with active people and families in mind. For your convenience, my plan rates include the following:

  1. Menu Planning
  2. Food
  3. Preparation

**An additional fee may apply for delivery outside a 30-mile radius roundtrip from Troy, IL. All meals are customized to each customer this is meant to  be a very personal experience.

These meals come with heating instructions that are in the meals.  Also there will be a $100 one time fee for the glass wear that the meals will come in. If these need replaced then I will include the cost from there on out.  We work with allergies and only use fresh ingredients.

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5-Meals Weekly (20 portions) $380.00 + tax

4-Meals Weekly (16 portions) $304.00 + tax

3-Meals Weekly (12 portions) $228.00 + tax